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PC Parts

PC Parts

Desktop and laptop computers are commonplace in most businesses and households. However, not all organisational or personal needs are the same and the run-of-the mill and over-the-counter computers are not always designed for your specific purposes.

Examples are dedicated work-stations for the gaming community, equipment for industrial or extremely dusty environments or other specific purposes.

Umbrella i.T can deliver or custom-build equipment to your specifications, designed for the specific needs of yourself or your organisation.

And whether it may be a regular or dedicated custom built computer, it can become effected by virusses and malware or can develop faults over time.

Umbrella i.T offers repair and maintenance services for your equipment on a turn-around basis.

And whether we like it or not, PC's and laptops do age and become obsolete over time. Do you want to upgrade your computer with a larger drive, more memory or a fster processor ?

Umbrella i.T is able to provide you with a cost-effective upgrade.

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Umbrella i.T provides its services to the AustralAsian region, including mainland Australia, New Zealand and the pacific islands

Umbrella i.T is dedicated to providing reliable i.T solutions of the highest quality, focussing on reliability, customer support and satisfaction at affordable prices.

Contact us or give us a call on 07 4222 1214 to discuss particulars.

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